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Historical usage

Feb 26, 2018

The Citrix Licensing Manager stores and exports historical usage reports from the License Server on which the tool is installed. You can specify a date range for the historical usage data and export it to a CSV file. The CSV file provides daily usage information including the number of licenses in overdraft.

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To export historical usage data

  1. Log on to the Citrix Licensing Manager hosted on the License Server: Type this URL into a browser on a system having access to the License Server.


  2. Using the drop-down menus, select the product and edition, the license model, and the date range (larger the better) to gather the history.
  3. After making your selections, click Export, and the browser download dialog displays.
  4. Using the Save drop-down menu, select Save As to save the exported .CSV file.

Starting with build 23201, you can choose All if you have multiple Customer Success Services dates. For older builds, If you have multiple Customer Success Services dates, export data for each date. Use the combined data to determine your complete usage.

The default retention period is 180 days.