Product Documentation

Combine license files

Feb 26, 2018

If you are accumulating a lot of license files on a License Server, you can combine the licenses into one license file. License files can accumulate when you:

  • Purchase additional licenses
  • Renew your Customer Success Services membership


Back up and then delete the old license files from the License Server before replacing them with the new files.

  1. From a Web browser, go to https://ls:8083.
  2. Click Administration and Vendor Daemon Configuration.
  3. Click Import License.
  4. Click the My Account link.
  5. On the My Account page, enter your user ID and password.
  6. Select All Licensing Tools.
  7. From the main menu, select Redownload.
  8. Use the By Host tab (to automatically combine all specified licenses allocated to a host ID into single line item) and click Select All to select all items on all pages, click the Page check box to select all items on that page, or select the check boxes preceding the licenses that you want to download.
  9. Click Download and save the files to a temporary folder (remember the name of the file and location where you downloaded the file; you will need this location). 
  10. In the License Administration Console on the Import License File page, browse to the license file.
  11. If you copied the file directly to the MyFiles directory, or if the file has the same name as an existing one, select Overwrite License File on License Server.
  12. Click Import License.
  13. Click Vendor Daemon Configuration and click Administer in the Citrix vendor daemon line.
  14. Click Reread License Files to allow the license server to recognize the new file.