Product Documentation

Reallocate license files

Feb 26, 2018

License files run only on the license server or hardware appliance that was specified when they were generated. If you change the binding identifier of a server or appliance hosting license files, reallocate license files so that they match the new binding identifier.

The binding identifier is the information in the license file that identifies the machine where the license file is hosted. The binding identifier is usually the license server hostname, but it can also be a hardware appliance name, Ethernet address (MAC address), or FQDN.

Situations in which you might need to reallocate a license file:
  • You rename your license server
  • You want to move your license files to a server that has a different name
  • You used some licenses initially to create a test environment and now you want to reuse those licenses on a different license server

Designating a new binding identifier when you reallocate licenses does not consume more licenses. The process changes only the binding identifier for the licenses.

Reallocate license files by using the License Administration Console

  1. From a web browser, go to https://ls:8083.
  2. Select Administration and Vendor Daemon Configuration.
  3. Select Import License.
  4. Select the My Account link.
  5. On the My Account page, type your user ID and password.
  6. Select All Licensing Tools.
  7. From the main menu, select Reallocate.
  8. Select the check boxes preceding the licenses you want to reallocate, click Continue.
  9. Follow the instructions to select the licenses to reallocate in to the new file (and associated with a new license server) and download the license file.
  10. Save the files to a temporary location (remember the file names and location where you downloaded the file; you need this location). 
  11. In the License Administration Console on the Import License File page, browse to the license file.
  12. If you copied the file directly to MyFiles, or if the file has the name of an existing one, select Overwrite License File on License Server.
  13. Select Import License.
  14. Select Vendor Daemon Configuration and select Administer in the Citrix vendor daemon line.
  15. Select Reread License Files to allow the license server to recognize the new file.