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Subscription Advantage

May 22, 2017

When you purchase a new Citrix product, your purchase includes a one-year membership in Citrix Subscription Advantage. This membership entitles you to, among other benefits, any product updates, including major and minor releases, released during your membership period. For example, if you purchased XenDesktop, Enterprise edition on July 22, 2013, you are entitled to any updates released for XenDesktop, Enterprise edition until July 21, 2014. After your initial one-year membership period expires, you may choose to renew your Subscription Advantage membership. After paying Citrix for your renewal, you can use the Citrix Licensing Manager to install your renewal licenses or you must go to and download a license file containing your renewal license.


A Subscription Advantage membership and its associated license are distinct from your license to run the product. If you do not renew your Subscription Advantage membership, your Citrix products do not stop working; however, you are not entitled to any software releases after it expires.

Subscription Advantage renewal licenses

Subscription Advantage renewal license files contain licenses, known as renewal licenses, that extend your Subscription Advantage membership for a one-year period. These licenses are required to run any new product releases, excluding hotfixes, that are released during your membership period.

If you do not add the Subscription Advantage renewal licenses immediately, your Citrix products do not stop working. However, you cannot run any new software released during your renewed membership until you have the renewal license on your license server.

You do not need to download additional licenses when you install new versions of your products during this membership period. If Citrix releases a product version after your Subscription Advantage membership ends, you must renew your Subscription Advantage membership and obtain a renewal license before you can use the new product version.


When you download additional license files, you can delete the expired Subscription Advantage licenses; however, it is not a requirement. You might want to keep them to make it easier to identify the upgrade that is associated with each base license.

You can find out what your Subscription Advantage dates are:

  • In the License AdministrationConsole on the Dashboard.
  • Using a text editor to view the license file.

Check for and install Subscription Advantage renewal licenses with the Citrix Licensing Manager

When enabled, the Citrix Licensing Manager contacts web services weekly to check for available Subscription Advantage renewal licenses.

Based on how you configure it, the Citrix Licensing Manager automatically or manually checks for Subscription Advantage renewal licenses and notifies you or installs the licenses when found.

  1. In the Citrix Licensing Manager, click the settings icon in the upper left of the UI.
  2. Select how you want to be notified and if you want renewal licenses to be automically installed, and then click Save.

If the automatic checks for Subscription Advantage renewal licenses fail, check the firewall setting or configure a proxy. For this feature to work, the License Server must be able to access
 For more information, see Configure a proxy server.


You can also set the historical data retention period, language, and HTTPS port on this page.

  • Automatically check for Subscription Advantage renewal licenses and notify when available: Citrix Licensing Manager displays a notification. Click on a link to download and install available renewals. Note that this same notification appears in Studio and Director if they are configured to mange the License Server.
  • Automatically check for and install Subscription Advantage renewal licenses when available: Citrix Licensing Manager checks weekly and automatically installs renewal licenses when available. A notification displays for a few days stating that renewals have been installed.
  • Manually check for Subscription Advantage renewal licenses: Select the Update License(s) tab and Check for Available Renewals. You can check the Update License(s) tab at any time to see a list of licenses installed in the last 30 days.
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Manually add Subscription Advantage renewal files

After you download your Subscription Advantage renewal license file from, you must add it to your license server. Copy the Subscription Advantage renewal license files to the same directory as your existing license files and reread the license files. By default, this location is C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles on a 32-bit server, C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles on a 64-bit server and /opt/citrix/licensing/LS for License Server VPX. After you add the renewal license to your license server, the license automatically unlocks any subsequent versions of the product released during the Subscription Advantage period.

Renewing only part of your Subscription Advantage membership

If you run products from two different releases in your environment (for example, you have a mixed XenDesktop environment of versions 5.0 and 7.0) and you are not purchasing Subscription Advantage for all your licenses, Citrix recommends that you separate the product licenses on two separate license servers. Subscription Advantage is applied to the older product versions first.

For example, if you own 200 licenses for 5.0 and you renew your Subscription Advantage membership for only 100 of those licenses, it is possible that those 100 renewal licenses, which are required for 7.0, could be consumed by connections to computers running 5.0.

To separate your licenses (two different licenses on two different servers)

  1. Select a second server and install the license server software.
  2. Go to to reallocate your original licenses (these are the licenses contained in your current license file on the original license server) and then reallocate the licenses into two new files:
    • Allocate licenses to your first License Server for your 5.0 deployment.
    • Allocate licenses to create another license file for the second License Server for your 7.0 deployment.
  3. Generate and download your Subscription Advantage files and then copy them to the server to which you want them applied.
  4. Point all computers to the license server running the version of the Citrix product you want them to use. For information about pointing your Citrix product server to the license server, see your Citrix product's administrator guide.