License Server VPX


The License Server VPX is deprecated and won’t receive any further maintenance or security fixes. Customers using 11.16.6 or previous versions of License Server VPX are advised to migrate to the latest version of License Server for Windows as soon as possible.

The License Server VPX is a self-contained Linux-based virtual appliance that allows deployment of licensing in your Citrix environment.

The License Server VPX section of the Citrix Licensing documentation contains information that is specific to the License Server VPX. The rest of the Licensing documentation set contains articles that apply to only Windows or to Windows and VPX.


These items are not supported with the License Server VPX.

  • Supplemental grace periods.
  • Citrix Licensing Manager:
    • The Citrix Licensing Manager is available on the License Server VPX only if you configure Active Directory and install the keytab file.
    • Enable and disable the supplemental grace period.
    • Modify ports License Server (default 27000), Vendor Daemon (default 2729)
    • Displays the License Server version in the top bar of the screen. If you click the down arrow, the hostname, Ethernet address, and IPv4 address appear.
    • License usage dashboard.
  • Upgrades - See Export the database for use in a different License Server VPX.
  • Clustered servers.
  • Use the Linux iptables command to change License Server VPX default ports.
License Server VPX