Licensing services

This article contains the following information:

  • Web Services for Licensing
  • Citrix License Management Service
  • Citrix Licensing
  • Citrix licensing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

Web Services for Licensing

Studio, Director, and the Licensing Administration PowerShell Snap-in use Web Services for Licensing to do the following:

  • Communicate with the License Server and manage users
  • Allocate and install licenses
  • Display License Server health, license usage, and other alert messages.

The Citrix Licensing Manager also uses it.

Citrix License Management Service

The License Management Service enables better capacity planning and license management. This service also helps you avoid prohibited practices:

  • Duplication of licenses outside a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment
  • Use of legacy licenses for new product versions
  • Use of rescinded licenses

This service alerts the administrator in Citrix Insight Services about duplicate licenses in a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. For more information about Citrix Insight Services, see Citrix Insight Services.

The License Management Service uses product telemetry, built into the License Server, to send data to Citrix Insight Services. The License Management Service is not a Windows service. The first upload occurs approximately five minutes after the License Server first starts, or restarts, and subsequent uploads occur once a day thereafter. The schedule resets if you reinstall the License Server. If an upload fails, another attempt is made in 24 hours until either the upload succeeds or you disable the License Management Service. Citrix might use uploads to help you understand and support your license environment. See Use the command line to disable or enable the License Management Service.


Your installation of the License Server constitutes your acknowledgment of the License Management Service and your consent to use the License Management Service. You can disable the License Management Service anytime after installation.

The License Management Service collects this information:

  • License serial numbers
  • License Server GUID
  • Licenses used count
  • Feature name
  • Product versions

For more information about the data collected, see Compliance uploads.

Citrix Licensing

The Citrix Licensing service is the Windows service responsible for core licensing functionality. Citrix Licensing services licenses to Citrix products and is responsible for managing the CITRIX vendor daemon, license server port 27000 (by default).

Citrix Licensing WMI

The WMI service provides access to Citrix Licensing WMI classes. There’s a namespace (ROOT\CitrixLicensing) with a few classes (notably, Citrix_GT_License_Pool) that gives license usage and availability counts. Querying the License Server too often (more than every 15 minutes) might impact performance negatively.

Licensing services