Licensing 11.17.2 build 44000

Citrix licensing is a system of components that functions together. Before you use any of your Citrix products, learn about licensing components. The Citrix licensing system includes:

  • License Server - Every Citrix product environment must have at least one shared or dedicated License Server. Servers running Citrix products contact the License Server to obtain licenses. For more information, see License Server.
  • License files - The license file is a text file containing the product licensing information. It includes License Server name, license expiration date, and other information. For more information, see License files.
  • Citrix Licensing Manager - The Citrix Licensing Manager is a web-based management console for Citrix Licensing. For more information, see Citrix Licensing Manager.
  • Licensing Services - The Citrix Licensing service is the Windows service responsible for the following core licensing functionality:
    • Citrix Web Services for Licensing
    • Citrix Licensing Support Service
    • Citrix Licensing WMI
    • CITRIX vendor daemon

    For more information, see Licensing services.

  • Product-side settings in your Citrix products that are associated with the License Server.

For more information about licensing components, see Citrix licensing technical overview.

Citrix licensing: User workflow

The following image describes the Citrix licensing workflow.

Citrix licensing user workflow


*- Before downloading and installing the License Server, an existing user logs on to, while a new user creates a account.

CC - Citrix Cloud

CLM - Citrix Licensing Manager

LAC - License Access Code

LS - License Server

LUI - License Usage Insights

Licensing 11.17.2 build 44000