Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

HDX Insight


HDX Insight is part of the Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) and is based on the popular industry standard AppFlow. It enables IT to deliver an exceptional user experience by providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility into the Citrix ICA traffic that passes through the Citrix ADC or Citrix SD-WAN application networking fabric.

The Linux VDA partially supports the HDX Insight feature. Because the End User Experience Management (EUEM) feature is not implemented, some data points related to time duration are not available.


No dependent packages need installation.


HDX Insight analyzes the ICA messages passed through the Citrix ADC between Citrix Workspace app and the Linux VDA.

You must set up a NetScaler Insight Center deployment with the Linux VDA and enable the HDX Insight feature. You can migrate your NetScaler Insight Center deployment to Citrix ADM without losing the existing configuration, settings, or data. For more information, see Migrate from NetScaler Insight Center to Citrix ADM.


No data points are displayed

There might be two causes:

  • HDX Insight is not configured correctly.

    For example, AppFlow is not enabled on the Citrix ADC or an incorrect Citrix ADC instance is configured on the Citrix ADM.

  • The ICA Control Virtual Channel is not started on the Linux VDA.

    ps aux | grep -i ctxctl

    If ctxctl is not running, contact your administrator to report a bug to Citrix.

No application data points are displayed

Verify that the seamless virtual channel is enabled and a seamless application is launched for a while.

HDX Insight