Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

Configure Delivery Controllers

XenDesktop 7.6 and earlier versions require changes to support the Linux VDA. For those versions, a hotfix or update script is required. The installation and verification instructions are provided in this article.

Update Delivery Controller configuration

For XenDesktop 7.6 SP2, apply Hotfix Update 2 to update the Broker for Linux Virtual Desktops. Hotfix Update 2 is available here:

CTX142438: Hotfix Update 2 - For Delivery Controller 7.6 (32-bit) – English

For versions earlier than XenDesktop 7.6 SP2, you can use the PowerShell script named Update-BrokerServiceConfig.ps1 to update the Broker Service configuration. This script is available in the following package:


Repeat the following steps on every Delivery Controller in the farm:

  1. Copy the Update-BrokerServiceConfig.ps1 script to the Delivery Controller machine.
  2. Open a Windows PowerShell console in the context of the local administrator.
  3. Browse to the folder containing the Update-BrokerServiceConfig.ps1 script.
  4. Run the Update-BrokerServiceConfig.ps1 script:



By default, PowerShell is configured to prevent the execution of PowerShell scripts. If the script fails to run, change the PowerShell execution policy before trying again:

   Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

The Update-BrokerServiceConfig.ps1 script updates the Broker Service configuration file by using new WCF endpoints required by the Linux VDA and restarts the Broker Service. The script determines the location of the Broker Service configuration file automatically. A backup of the original configuration file is created in the same directory, with .prelinux appended to the file name.

These changes have no impact on the brokering of Windows VDAs configured to use the same Delivery Controller farm. A single Controller farm can manage and broker sessions for both Windows and Linux VDAs seamlessly.

Verify Delivery Controller configuration

When the required configuration changes have been applied to a Delivery Controller, the EndpointLinux string appears five times in the %PROGRAMFILES%\Citrix\Broker\Service\BrokerService.exe.config file.

From the Windows command prompt, log on as a local administrator to check:

cd "%PROGRAMFILES%"\Citrix\Broker\Service\
findstr EndpointLinux BrokerService.exe.config
Configure Delivery Controllers