Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR

The following issues have been fixed since Linux Virtual Delivery Agent 1909:

  • On a 4K monitor, you might experience GPU performance issues associated with keystrokes and refresh rates. [CVADHELP-12661]

  • A Linux VDI session might become unresponsive if the mouse and the keyboard are not focused on the same window or the mouse fails to change focus. [CVADHELP-12768]

  • The Linux VDA registration might fail when you use virtual machines (VMs) that use only IPv6 addresses. [CVADHELP-13103]

  • When you set a policy to Default, the Linux VDA might not update the database. The issue occurs because higher priority policies cannot reset lower priority policies that are set to Default. [CVADHELP-13107]

  • With the local keyboard layout feature enabled, keyboard layout synchronization might not work in client-side Hungarian language environments. When you start an application with DE as a local setting, the language is synchronized, but it does not work for the Hungarian layout. [CVADHELP-13199]

  • When you configure Xauthority to secure the communication between XClient and XServer, only IPv4 addresses are added. IPv6 addresses are not added. [CVADHELP-13255]

  • On Ubuntu 18.04, attempts to create or update machine catalogs using Machine Creation Services (MCS) might fail. [CVADHELP-13178]

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR

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