MDX Toolkit

The Mobile Device Experience (MDX) Toolkit is an app container technology that enhances the mobile device experience and lets you prepare apps for secure deployment with Citrix Endpoint Management by adding the following information to the apps:

  • The code required to support mobile app management tasks, such as provisioning, custom authentication, per-app revocation, data containment policies, data encryption, and per-app virtual private networking
  • Signed security certificates
  • Policy information and other Endpoint Management settings

The MDX Toolkit can securely wrap apps created within your organization or third-party mobile apps.

You can also wrap apps using our cloud tool, the MDX Service. For details, see MDX Service.

Recent announcements

  • A Mobile Application Management (MAM) SDK is available to replace areas of MDX functionality that aren’t covered by iOS and Android platforms.

  • The MDX wrapping technology is scheduled to reach end of life (EOL) in September 2021. To continue managing your enterprise applications, you must incorporate the MAM SDK.

    For more details about the MAM SDK (Preview), see the Citrix Developer section on Device Management. You can find more information as well in this Citrix blog post.

    The SDK is available for download when you sign on to Citrix downloads.

MDX Toolkit