NetScaler Gateway

Common Deployments

You can deploy NetScaler Gateway at the perimeter of your organization’s internal network (or intranet) to provide a secure single point of access to the servers, applications, and other network resources that reside in the internal network. All remote users must connect to NetScaler Gateway before they can access any resources in the internal network.

NetScaler Gateway is most commonly installed in the following locations in a network:

  • In the network DMZ
  • In a secure network that does not have a DMZ<

You can also deploy NetScaler Gateway with XenApp, XenDesktop, StoreFront, and XenMobile Server to allow users to access their Windows, web, mobile, and SaaS applications. If your deployment includes XenApp, StoreFront, or XenDesktop 7, you can deploy NetScaler Gateway in a single-hop or double-hop DMZ configuration. A double-hop deployment is not supported with earlier versions of XenDesktop or XenMobile App Edition.

For more information about expanding your NetScaler Gateway installation with these and other supported Citrix solutions, see Integrating with Citrix Products topic.

Common Deployments

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