NetScaler Gateway

Creating a Session Ticket

Creating the session ticket is the second stage of the user connection process in a double-hop DMZ deployment.

During the session ticket creation stage, the following basic process occurs:

  1. The Web Interface communicates with both the XML Service and the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) in the internal network to produce session tickets for each of the published applications the user is authorized to access. The session ticket contains an alias address for the computer running Citrix XenApp that hosts a published application.
  2. The STA saves the IP addresses of the servers that host the published applications. The STA then sends the requested session tickets to the Web Interface. Each session ticket includes an alias that represents the IP address of the server that hosts the published application, but not the actual IP address.
  3. The Web Interface generates an ICA file for each of the published applications. The ICA file contains the ticket issued by the STA. The Web Interface then creates and populates a web page with a list of links to the published applications and sends this web page to the web browser on the user device.
Creating a Session Ticket

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