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When to Use Enlightened Data Transport Support

The following scenarios illustrate the use of EDT enabled NetScaler Gateway.

  • A user wants an experience as good as in a LAN environment while remotely accessing business resources.
  • A user wants a rich virtual application and desktop user experience on Wi-Fi and cellular networks where network quality is poor because of congestion, high packet loss, and high latency.

The following points are to be kept in mind while using EDT.

  • The DTLS knob at the virtual server level is enabled by default.
  • EDT is now supported on all the platforms except MPX FIPS platform.
  • SNI with DTLS is not supported.
  • IPv6 with DTLS is not supported.
  • Smart control policies and ICA policies do not work if DTLS is enabled.
  • Also, the appliance can now be configured for Double-hop functionality for EDT traffic between Receiver and VDA. For more information, click Deploying in a Double-Hop DMZ.

When to Use Enlightened Data Transport Support

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