Creating or changing an RPC node password

To communicate with other NetScaler Gateway appliances, each appliance requires knowledge of the other appliances, including how to authenticate on NetScaler Gateway. RPC nodes are internal system entities used for system-to-system communication of configuration and session information. One RPC node exists on each NetScaler Gateway and stores information, such as the IP addresses of the other NetScaler Gateway appliance and the passwords used for authentication. The NetScaler Gateway that makes contact with another NetScaler Gateway checks the password within the RPC node.

NetScaler Gateway requires RPC node passwords on both appliances in a high availability pair. Initially, each NetScaler Gateway is configured with the same RPC node password. To enhance security, you should change the default RPC node passwords. You use the configuration utility to configure and change RPC nodes.

Note: The NetScaler Gateway administrator password and the RPC node password must be the same.

RPC nodes are implicitly created when adding a node or adding a Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) site. You cannot create or delete RPC nodes manually.

Important: You should also secure the network connection between the appliances. You can configure security when you configure the RPC node password by selecting the Secure check box.

To create or change an RPC node password and enable a secure connection

  1. n the configuration utility, in the navigation pane, expand System > Network > Advanced and then click RPC.

  2. In the details pane, select the node and then click Open.

  3. In Password and Confirm Password, type the new password.

  4. In Source IP Address, type the system IP address of the other NetScaler Gateway appliance.

    To use an IPv6 address, select IPv6 and then enter the IP address.

  5. Click Secure and then click OK.