NetScaler Gateway

Configuring IPv6 for User Connections

You can configure NetScaler Gateway to listen for user connections by using Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). When you configure one of the following settings, you can select the IPv6 check box and then enter the IPv6 address in the dialog box:

  • Global Settings - Published Applications - ICA Proxy
  • Global Authentication - Radius
  • Global Authentication - LDAP
  • Global Authentication - TACACS
  • Session Profile - Published Applications - ICA Proxy
  • NetScaler Gateway Virtual Servers
  • Create Authentication Server - Radius
  • Create Authentication Server - LDAP
  • Create Authentication Server - TACACS
  • Create Auditing Server
  • High Availability Setup
  • Bind / Unbind Route Monitors for High Availability
  • Virtual server (Load Balancing)

When you configure the NetScaler Gateway virtual server to listen on an IPv6 address, users can connect only with Citrix Receiver. User connections with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in are not supported with IPv6.

You can use the following guidelines for configuring IPv6 on NetScaler Gateway:

  • XenApp and Web Interface. When you configure IPv6 for user connections and if there is a mapped IP address that uses IPv6, XenApp and Web Interface servers can also use IPv6. The Web Interface must be installed behind NetScaler Gateway. When users connect through NetScaler Gateway, the IPv6 address is translated to IPv4. When the connection returns, the IPv4 address is translated to IPv6.
  • Virtual servers. You can configure IPv6 for a virtual server when you run the NetScaler Gateway wizard. In the NetScaler Gateway wizard on the Virtual Servers page, click IPv6 and enter the IP address. You can only use configure an IPv6 address for a virtual server by using the NetScaler Gateway wizard.
  • Other. To configure IPv6 for ICA Proxy, authentication, auditing, and high availability, select the IPv6 check box in the dialog box and then type the IP address.
Configuring IPv6 for User Connections

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