NetScaler Gateway

Configuring the NetScaler Gateway by Using Wizards

NetScaler Gateway has the following six wizards that you can use to configure settings on the appliance:

  • The First-time Setup Wizard appears when you log on to the NetScaler Gateway appliance for the first time.
  • The Setup Wizard helps you configure basic NetScaler Gateway settings for the first time.
  • XenMobile Integrated Configuration helps you configure your NetScaler Gateway and XenMobile environment.
  • The Quick Configuration wizard helps you configure the correct policies, expressions, and settings for connections to XenMobile App Edition, StoreFront, and the Web Interface.
  • The NetScaler Gateway wizard helps you configure NetScaler Gateway-specific settings.
  • The Published Applications wizard helps you configure settings for user connections by using Citrix Receiver.

How the First-time Setup Wizard Works

When you finish installing and configuring the initial settings on the NetScaler Gateway appliance, when you log on to the configuration utility for the first time, the First-time Setup wizard appears if the following conditions are not met:

  • You did not install a license on the appliance.
  • You did not configure a subnet or mapped IP address.
  • If the default IP address of the appliances is

How the Setup Wizard Works

You use the Setup Wizard to configure the following initial settings on the appliance:

  • System IP address and subnet mask
  • Mapped IP address and subnet mask
  • Host name
  • Default gateway
  • Licenses

Note: Before running the Setup Wizard, download your licenses from the Citrix website. For more information, see Licensing NetScaler Gateway

How Integrated XenMobile Configuration Works

You can deploy NetScaler Gateway with XenMobile MDM that provides the ability to scale, ensure high availability for apps, and maintain security. To use the XenMobile configuration, you need to install Version 10.1, Build 120.1316.e.

The Integrated XenMobile Configuration creates the following:

  • Load balancing servers for Device Manager.
  • Load balancing servers for Microsoft Exchange with email filtering.
  • Load balancing servers for ShareFile.

For more information about creating settings with the Integrated XenMobile Configuration, see Configuring Settings for Your XenMobile Environment

How the Quick Configuration Wizard Works

The Quick Configuration wizard allows you to configure multiple virtual servers on NetScaler Gateway. You can add, edit, and remove virtual servers.

The Quick Configuration wizard allows for seamless configuration for the following deployments:

  • Web Interface connections to XenApp and XenDesktop, with the ability to configure multiple instances of the Secure Ticket Authority (STA)
  • XenMobile App Edition only
  • StoreFront only
  • XenMobile App Edition and StoreFront together

The Quick Configuration wizard allows you to configure the following settings on the appliance:

  • Virtual server name, IP address, and port
  • Redirection from an unsecure to a secure port
  • LDAP server
  • RADIUS server
  • Certificates
  • DNS server
  • XenMobile and XenApp/XenDesktop

    Note: To enable SSO, you have to manually enable the Single Sign-on to web applications option in the Create Citrix Gateway Session Profile > Client Experience tab for the session action.

NetScaler Gateway supports user connections directly to XenMobile App Edition, which gives users access to their web, SaaS, and mobile apps, along with access to ShareFile. You can also configure settings to StoreFront which gives users access to their Windows-based applications and virtual desktops.

When you run the Quick Configuration wizard, the following policies are created based on your XenMobile App Edition, StoreFront, and Web Interface settings:

  • Session policies, including policies and profiles for Receiver, Receiver for Web, NetScaler Gateway plug-in, and Program Neighborhood Agent
  • Clientless access
  • LDAP and RADIUS authentication

How the NetScaler Gateway Wizard Works

You use the NetScaler Gateway wizard to configure the following settings on the appliance:

  • Virtual servers
  • Certificates
  • Name service providers
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Port redirection
  • Clientless access
  • Clientless access for SharePoint

How the Published Applications Wizard Works

You use the Published Applications wizard to configure NetScaler Gateway to connect to servers running XenApp or XenDesktop in the internal network. With the Published Applications wizard, you can:

  • Select a virtual server for connections to the server farm.
  • Configure the settings for user connections for the Web Interface or StoreFront, single sign-on, and the Secure Ticket Authority.
  • Create or select session policies for SmartAccess.

Within the wizard, you can also create session policy expressions for user connections. For more information about configuring NetScaler Gateway to connect to a server farm, see Providing Access to Published Applications and Virtual Desktops Through the Web Interface.

Configuring the NetScaler Gateway by Using Wizards