NetScaler Gateway

Configuring Settings by Using the NetScaler Gateway Wizard

After you run the Setup Wizard, you can run the NetScaler Gateway wizard to configure additional settings on NetScaler Gateway. You run the NetScaler Gateway wizard from the configuration utility.

NetScaler Gateway comes with a test certificate. If you do not have a signed certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA), you can use the test certificate when using the NetScaler Gateway wizard. When you receive the signed certificate, you can remove the test certificate and install the signed certificate. Citrix recommends obtaining the signed certificate before making NetScaler Gateway publicly available for users.

Note: You can create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from within the NetScaler Gateway wizard. If you use the NetScaler Gateway wizard to create the CSR, you must exit from the wizard and then start the wizard again when you receive the signed certificate from the CA. For more information about certificates, see Installing and Managing Certificates.

You can configure user connections for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in the NetScaler Gateway wizard when you configure a virtual server. For more information about using IPv6 for user connections, see Configuring IPv6 for User Connections.

To start the NetScaler Gateway wizard

  1. In the configuration utility, click the Configuration tab and then in the navigation pane, click NetScaler Gateway.
  2. In the details pane, under Getting Started, click NetScaler Gateway wizard.
  3. Click Next and then follow the directions in the wizard.
Configuring Settings by Using the NetScaler Gateway Wizard