NetScaler Gateway

Using the Configuration Utility

The configuration utility allows you to configure most of the NetScaler Gateway settings. You use a web browser to access the configuration utility.

To log on to the configuration utility

  1. In a web browser, type the system IP address of NetScaler Gateway, such as Note: NetScaler Gateway is preconfigured with a default IP address of and subnet mask of
  2. In User Name and Password, type nsroot
  3. In Deployment Type, select NetScaler Gateway and then click Login.

When you log on to the configuration utility for the first time, the Dashboard opens by default on the Home tab. On the Home tab, you can use the Quick Configuration wizard to configure the settings for a virtual server, authentication, certificates, and App Controller. You can also configure either StoreFront or Web Interface settings in the Quick Configuration wizard.

For more information about configuring NetScaler Gateway, see:

Using the Configuration Utility