NetScaler Gateway

Accessing XenApp and XenDesktop Resources with the Web Interface

One or more computers running XenApp or XenDesktop creates a server farm. If your enterprise network contains a server farm, you can deploy NetScaler Gateway to provide secure Internet access to published applications or virtual desktops by using the Web Interface.

In such deployments, NetScaler Gateway works with the Web Interface and the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) to provide authentication, authorization, and redirection to published applications hosted on a computer running XenApp or to virtual desktops provided by XenDesktop.

This functionality is achieved by integrating NetScaler Gateway with the Web Interface, XenApp, or XenDesktop. This integration provides advanced authentication and an access control option to the Web Interface. For more information about the Web Interface, see the Web Interface documentation in the Citrix documentation library.

Remote connectivity to a server farm does not require the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in. To access published applications or desktops, users connect by using Citrix Receiver.

Accessing XenApp and XenDesktop Resources with the Web Interface

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