NetScaler Gateway

Setting Up a Web Interface Site

If you deploy the Web Interface in the secure network and configure authentication on NetScaler Gateway, when users connect to NetScaler Gateway, the appliance authenticates users.

Important: Install and configure the Web Interface before you configure NetScaler Gateway. For more information, see the Web Interface documentation in the Technologies node in the Citrix eDocs library.

The steps for creating a Web Interface site include:

  • Select how users log on. This can be through a web browser, the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in, or Citrix Receiver. For information, see Web Interface Features.
  • Identify where users authenticate from. NetScaler Gateway or the Web Interface.

Note: When the Web Interface is in the secure network, you enable authentication on the virtual server on the NetScaler Gateway. When you disable authentication, unauthenticated HTTP requests are sent directly to the server running the Web Interface. Disabling authentication on NetScaler Gateway is recommended only when the Web Interface is in the DMZ and users connect directly to the Web Interface.

Make sure you install a valid server certificate on NetScaler Gateway. For more information about working with certificates, see Installing and Managing Certificates.

Important: For the Web Interface to work properly with NetScaler Gateway 10.1, the server running the Web Interface must trust the NetScaler Gateway certificate and be able to resolve the virtual server fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to the correct IP address.

Setting Up a Web Interface Site

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