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About NetScaler Gateway

NetScaler Gateway is easy to deploy and simple to administer. The most typical deployment configuration is to locate the NetScaler Gateway appliance in the DMZ. You can install multiple NetScaler Gateway appliances in the network for more complex deployments.

The first time you start NetScaler Gateway, you can perform the initial configuration by using a serial console, the Setup Wizard in the configuration utility, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). On the MPX appliance, you can use the LCD keypad on the front panel of the appliance to perform the initial configuration. You can configure basic settings that are specific to your internal network, such as the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway IP address, and Domain Name System (DNS) address. After you configure the basic network settings, you then configure the settings specific to the NetScaler Gateway operation, such as the options for authentication, authorization, network resources, virtual servers, session policies, and endpoint policies.

Before you install and configure NetScaler Gateway, review the topics in this section for information about planning your deployment. Deployment planning can include determining where to install the appliance, understanding how to install multiple appliances in the DMZ, as well as licensing requirements. You can install NetScaler Gateway in any network infrastructure without requiring changes to the existing hardware or software running in the secure network. NetScaler Gateway works with other networking products, such as server load balancers, cache engines, firewalls, routers, and IEEE 802.11 wireless devices.

You can write your settings in the Pre-Installation Checklist to have on hand before you configure NetScaler Gateway.

NetScaler Gateway Appliances Provides information about NetScaler Gateway appliances and the appliance installation instructions.
Pre-Installation Checklist Provides planning information to review and a list of tasks to complete before you install NetScaler Gateway in your network.
Common Deployments Provides information about deploying the NetScaler Gateway in the network DMZ, in a secure network without a DMZ, and with additional appliances to support load balancing and failover. Also provides information about deploying NetScaler Gateway with Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop.
Licensing Provides information about installing licenses on the appliance. Also provides information about installing licenses on multiple NetScaler Gateway appliances.
About NetScaler Gateway

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