NetScaler Gateway

Configuring the Client Choices Page

You can configure NetScaler Gateway to provide users with multiple logon options. By configuring the client choices page, users have the option of logging on from one location with the following choices:

  • NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows
  • NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Mac OS X
  • NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Java
  • StoreFront
  • Web Interface
  • Clientless access

Users log on to NetScaler Gateway by using the web address in the certificate bound to NetScaler Gateway or the virtual server. By creating a session policy and profile, you can determine the logon choices users receive. Depending on how you configure NetScaler Gateway, the client choices page displays up to three icons representing the following logon choices:

  • Network Access. When users log on to NetScaler Gateway for the first time by using a web browser and then select Network Access, the download page appears. When users click Download, the plug-in downloads and installs on the user device. When the download and installation is complete, the Access Interface appears. If you install a newer or revert to an older version of NetScaler Gateway, the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows silently upgrades or downgrades to the version on the appliance. If users connect by using the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Mac, the plug-in silently upgrades if a new appliance version is detected when users log on. This version of the plug-in does not silently downgrade.
  • Web Interface or StoreFront. If users select the Web Interface to log on, the Web Interface page appears. Users can then access their published applications or virtual desktops. If users select StoreFront to log on, Receiver opens and users can access applications and desktops. Note: If you configure StoreFront as a client choice, applications and desktops do not appear in the left pane of the Access Interface.
  • Clientless access. If users select clientless access to log on, the Access Interface or your customized home page appears. In the Access Interface, users can navigate to file shares, web sites, and use Outlook Web Access.

If users select the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Java, the plug-in starts and users are logged on. The choices page does not appear.

Secure Browse allows users to connect through NetScaler Gateway from an iOS device. If you enable Secure Browse, when users log on by using Worx Home, Secure Browse disables the client choices page.

Configuring the Client Choices Page

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