NetScaler Gateway

Configuring Name Service Resolution

During installation of NetScaler Gateway, you can use the NetScaler Gateway wizard to configure additional settings, including name service providers. The name service providers translate the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to an IP address. In the NetScaler Gateway wizard, you can configure a DNS or WINS server, set the priority of the DNS lookup, and the number of times to retry the connection to the server.

When you run the NetScaler Gateway wizard, you can add a DNS server at that time. You can add additional DNS servers and a WINS server to NetScaler Gateway by using a session profile. You can then direct users and groups to connect to a name resolution server that is different from the one you originally used the wizard to configure.

Before configuring an additional DNS server on NetScaler Gateway, create a virtual server that acts as a DNS server for name resolution.

To add a DNS or WINS server within a session profile

  1. In the configuration utility, on the Configuration tab, in the navigation pane, expand NetScaler Gateway Policies and then click Session.
  2. In the details pane, on the Profiles tab, select a profile and then click Open.
  3. On the Network Configuration tab, do one of the following:
    • To configure a DNS server, next to DNS Virtual Server, click Override Global, select the server and then click OK.
    • To configure a WINS server, next to WINS Server IP, click Override Global, type the IP address and then click OK.
Configuring Name Service Resolution