NetScaler Gateway

Configuring Clientless Access

Clientless access allows users the access they need without requiring them to install user software, such as the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in or Receiver. Users can use their web browser to connect to web applications, such as Outlook Web Access.

You use the following steps to configure clientless access:

  • Enabling clientless access either globally or by using a session policy bound to a user, group, or virtual server.
  • Selecting the web address encoding method.

To enable clientless access for only a specific virtual server, disable clientless access globally, and then create a session policy to enable it.

If you use the NetScaler Gateway wizard to configure the appliance, you have the choice of configuring clientless access within the wizard. The settings in the wizard are applied globally. Within the NetScaler Gateway wizard, you can configure the following client connection methods:

  • NetScaler Gateway Plug-in. Users are allowed to log on by using the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in only.
  • Use the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in and allow access scenario fallback. Users log on to NetScaler Gateway with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in. If the user device fails an endpoint analysis scan, users are permitted to log on using clientless access. When this occurs, users have limited access to network resources.
  • Allow users to log on using a Web browser and clientless access. Users can log on only by using clientless access and receive limited access to network resources.
Configuring Clientless Access

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