Installing the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows

When users log on to NetScaler Gateway, they download and install the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in on the user device.

To install the plug-in, users must be a local administrator or a member of the Administrators group. This restriction applies for first-time installation only. Plug-in upgrades do not require administrator level access.

To enable users to connect to and use NetScaler Gateway, you need to provide them with the following information:

  • NetScaler Gateway web address, such as https://NetScalerGatewayFQDN/
  • Any system requirements for running the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in if you configured endpoint resources and policies

Depending on the configuration of the user device, you might also need to provide the following information:

  • If users run a firewall on their computer, they might need to change the firewall settings so that the firewall does not block traffic to or from the IP addresses corresponding to the resources for which you granted access. The NetScaler Gateway Plug-in automatically handles Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP and Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1.
  • Users who want to send traffic to FTP over an NetScaler Gateway connection must set their FTP application to perform passive transfers. A passive transfer means that the remote computer establishes the data connection to your FTP server, rather than the establishment of the data connection by the FTP server to the remote computer.
  • Users who want to run X client applications across the connection must run an X server, such as XManager, on their computers.
  • Users who install Receiver for Windows or Receiver for Mac can start the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in from Receiver or by using a web browser. Provide instructions to users about how to log on with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in through Receiver or a web browser.

Because users work with files and applications as if they were local to the organization’s network, you do not need to retrain users or configure applications.

To establish a secure connection for the first time, log on to NetScaler Gateway by using the web logon page. The typical format of a web address is When users log on, they can download and install the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in on their computer.

To install the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows

  1. In a web browser, type the web address of NetScaler Gateway.
  2. Type the user name and password and then click Logon.
  3. Select Network Access and then click Download.
  4. Follow the instructions to install the plug-in.

When the download is complete, the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in connects and displays a message in the notification area on a Windows-based computer.

If you want users to connect with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in without using a web browser, you can configure the plug-in to display the logon dialog box when users right-click the NetScaler Gateway icon in the notification area on a Windows-based computer or start the plug-in from the Start menu.

To configure the logon dialog box for the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows

To configure the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in to use the logon dialog box, users must be logged on to complete this procedure.

  1. On a Windows-based computer, in the notification area, right-click the NetScaler Gateway icon and then click Configure NetScaler Gateway.
  2. Click the Profile tab and then click Change Profile.
  3. On the Options tab, click Use the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for logon. Note: If users open the Configure NetScaler Gateway dialog box from within Receiver, the Options tab is not available.