NetScaler Gateway

Integrating with Citrix Products

If you are a system administrator responsible for installing and configuring NetScaler Gateway, you can configure the appliance to work with App Controller, StoreFront, and the Web Interface.

Users can connect directly to App Controller from the internal network or from a remote location. When users connect, they can access their web, SaaS, and mobile apps. They can also work with documents located in ShareFile from any device.

To allow user connections to a server farm through NetScaler Gateway, you configure settings in either StoreFront or the Web Interface, and on NetScaler Gateway. When users connect, they have access to published applications and virtual desktops.

The configuration steps for integrating NetScaler Gateway with App Controller, StoreFront, and the Web Interface assume the following:

  • NetScaler Gateway resides in the DMZ and is connected to an existing network.
  • NetScaler Gateway is deployed as a standalone appliance and remote users connect directly to NetScaler Gateway.
  • StoreFront, App Controller, XenApp, XenDesktop, and the Web Interface reside in the secure network.
  • ShareFile is configured in App Controller. For more information about ShareFile, see ShareFile topic and Configuring ShareFile for User Access topic.

How you deploy StoreFront and App Controller depends on the apps you provide to mobile devices. If users have access to MDX apps that are wrapped with the MDX Toolkit, App Controller resides in front of StoreFront in the secure network. If you are not providing access to MDX apps, StoreFront resides in front of App Controller in the secure network.

Integrating with Citrix Products

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