NetScaler Gateway

Configuring SmartAccess

You can use SmartAccess with XenApp and XenDesktop to intelligently deliver published applications and virtual desktops to users.

SmartAccess allows you to control access to published applications and desktops on a server through the use of NetScaler Gateway session policies. You use preauthentication and post-authentication checks as a condition, along with other conditions, for access to published resources. Other conditions include anything you can control with a XenApp or XenDesktop policy, such as printer bandwidth limits, user device drive mapping, clipboard, audio, and printer mapping. You can apply a XenApp or XenDesktop policy based on whether or not users pass an NetScaler Gateway check.

NetScaler Gateway can deliver XenDesktop by using the same options that are available with Web Interface, ICA proxy access, clientless access, and NetScaler Gateway access.

This functionality is achieved by integrating NetScaler Gateway components with the Web Interface and XenApp or XenDesktop. This integration provides advanced authentication and an access control options to the Web Interface. For more information, see the Web Interface documentation in the Technologies node in the Citrix eDocs library.

Remote connectivity to a server farm does not require the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in. Users can connect with Citrix Receiver. Users can use the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in to log on and receive their published applications and virtual desktops through the Access Interface, which is the default home page for NetScaler Gateway.

Configuring SmartAccess

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