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Accessing NetScaler Insight Center

May 20, 2015

After installing NetScaler Insight Center, you can access it by using the graphical user interface (GUI). To access the GUI, in the address bar of the browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance.

Enter the logon credentials that you specified when you installed the NetScaler Insight Center appliance. After you validate your credentials, the Welcome screen appears.
Note: The default username and password to log on to NetScaler Insight Center are nsroot and nsroot, respectively.
NetScaler Insight Center is supported on the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer—IE 9 and later
  • Google Chrome—Chrome 19 and later
  • Safari—Safari 5.1.1 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox—Mozilla Firefox 3.6.25 and later

To programmatically access and configure the NetScaler Insight Center, see NITRO API .

This topic includes the following details:

Getting Started

When you access NetScaler Insight Center for the first time, a welcome screen directs you to get started by specifying the NetScaler ADCs as devices to be monitored. To continue using the appliance, you must add at least one NetScaler device to the NetScaler Insight Center inventory.

To add a NetScaler ADC, at the bottom of the page click Get Started. When the NetScaler Insight Center Inventory Setup screen appears, provide the following details to add a NetScaler device or CloudBridge device and provide the following information:
  • NetScaler IP address
  • User name
  • Password

To add additional NetScaler appliances, see Adding Netscaler Devices.

Understanding the GUI

After you add a NetScaler ADC to the inventory, and when you subsequently access the NetScaler Insight Center appliance, the Dashboard tab and the Configuration tab appear.

Dashboard Tab

The dashboard tab displays reports about the applications that you configure on the configuration tab. The dashboard displays the analyzed reports in the form of tables and charts.

The left pane of the dashboard tab displays the following nodes:
  • Web Insight—Provides reports that give an insight into the performance of the applications being monitored.
  • HDX Insight—Provides administrators of Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop environments with an efficient way of monitoring performance of the applications hosted on those products.
    Note: The HDX Insight node is displayed only if at least one of the NetScaler appliances in the inventory has a license that is higher than a standard license.

The right pane of the dashboard displays the Web Insight and HDX Insight reports that provide information about the performance of the applications.

Configuration Tab

The configuration tab provides the interface for configuring the NetScaler Insight Center appliance. Some of the key operations you can perform from the configuration tab are:
  • Adding a NetScaler ADC
  • Enabling AppFlow for applications
  • Upgrading NetScaler Insight Center
  • Troubleshooting NetScaler Insight Center
  • Managing NetScaler Insight Center