Product Documentation

Enabling Data Collection

Aug 22, 2014

You must enable data collection to start gathering information about the traffic flowing through the NetScaler ADCs or CloudBridge appliances.

To monitor NetScaler ADCs, NetScaler Insight Center gathers metrics from load balancing, content switching, and NetScaler Gateway virtual servers. To enable data collection, you must enable AppFlow on each virtual server from which you want to collect data. When enabling AppFlow, you must specify policy expressions to identify the traffic for which you want the NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance to retrieve data. The NetScaler ADC then generates AppFlow records for traffic that matches the expression.

For information on policy expressions, see "Policies and Expressions".

When you enable data collection, NetScaler Insight Center starts collecting information about the applications represented by the virtual servers and presents the collected information as performance reports on the dashboard.

Points to remember
  • Make sure that the services bound to the virtual servers also have AppFlow logging enabled.
  • If you want to use NTP server time on the NetScaler Insight Center, make sure that you configure NTP before enabling AppFlow on the CloudBridge appliances or virtual servers of the NetScaler ADCs. For information about synchronizing the local time of an NetScaler Insight Center appliance with the NTP server, see Configuring an NTP Server.
  • Web Insight supports HTTP, SSL and TCP virtual servers and HDX Insight supports VPN virtual servers.
  • If AppFlow is enabled for a virtual server on more than one NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance, the one on which the AppFlow was most recently enabled collects the information. For example, if AppFlow is enabled for virtual server abc on a NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance at on 1/3/2013, and on 3/3/2013 AppFlow is enabled for virtual server abc on another virtual appliance at, the virtual appliance at stops retrieving information from virtual server abc.
  • You cannot enable AppFlow from a NetScaler Insight Center for a NetScaler ADC on which Appflow is already enabled for four AppFlow collectors. Each NetScaler insight Center functions as an AppFlow collector, and you can put only four AppFlow collectors on one NetScaler ADC.
  • Citrix does not recommend adding IPv6 NetScaler appliances and virtual servers. NetScaler Insight Center does not support IPv6.