Product Documentation

Upgrading NetScaler Insight Center

Dec 30, 2014
To upgrade NetScaler Insight Center to a new build, you must first download the application build file. Upgrading to a new build is a simple procedure.
Note: Upgrading NetScaler Insight Center on VMware ESX server from build 118.7 or 119.7 to 120.13 or later builds is not recommended. However, upgrade from build 120.13 to later builds is supported. To upgrade to 120.13 or later builds, perform a fresh installation. The old configurations on the NetScaler appliance and on NetScaler Insight Center will remain the same and continue to work if the IP address of NetScaler Insight Center remains the same.

To upgrade NetScaler Insight Center

  1. Upload the latest software image to the NetScaler Insight Center application.
    1. On the Configuration tab, navigate to NetScaler Insight Center > Software Images.
    2. In the details pane, from the Action drop-down list, select Upload.
    3. In the Upload NetScaler Insight Center Software Image dialog box, click Browse and navigate to the folder that contains the build file, and then double-click the build file.
    4. Click Upload.
    Note: You can create a backup of the software image by selecting an image and then selecting the Download option from the Action drop-down list.
  2. Upgrade NetScaler Insight Center to a new version.
    1. On the Configuration tab, navigate to System.
    2. In the System pane, under System Administration, click Upgrade Netscaler Insight Center
    3. In the Upgrade Netscaler Insight Center dialog box, in Software Images, select the file of the build to which you want to upgrade.
    4. Click OK.