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Adding Devices

Sep 07, 2016

In addition to the NetScaler ADC, NetScaler Gateway, or CloudBridge appliance that you added to the inventory when you accessed NetScaler Insight Center for the first time, you must add any additional appliances that you want to monitor.

Points to remember

  • Only nCore NetScaler appliances running version software 9.3 or later can be added to the inventory. You cannot add standalone NetScaler Gateway appliances.
  • NetScaler Insight Center can monitor appliances in a high availability setup. Citrix recommends that you add both the appliances (primary and secondary) to the NetScaler Insight Center appliance. When the primary appliance fails, the secondary appliance generates the performance reports. You do not have to explicitly enable AppFlow on the secondary appliance.
  • You cannot monitor a NetScaler cluster setup.
  • Make sure that both the NetScaler appliance and the NetScaler Insight Center appliance have either HTTP access or HTTPS access enabled. For details about configurations, see "Configuring Security Settings" in Managing System Settings.
  • Citrix recommends not adding a NetScaler appliance to the inventory if the appliance's user access level is set to read only.
  • For a CloudBridge WAN Opt device type, enter the primary IP address of the CloudBridge appliance.
  • For a CloudBridge Enterprise device type, enter the primary IP address of the CloudBridge appliance.

To add a device

  1. On the Configuration tab, navigate to Inventory and click Add. All devices added to NetScaler Insight Center are shown on the Inventory page.
  2. Enter the source IP address from which the NetScaler or CloudBridge appliance sends AppFlow records. Also enter the user name and password required for access to the device.
    Points to Note:
    • If the NetScaler appliance uses a Subnet IP (SNIP) address as the source IP address for AppFlow records, specify that the SNIP address as the NetScaler IP address.
    • Select the Gateway option if, in a double-hop setup, one of the appliances that you are adding is a NetScaler Gateway. For details on double-hop mode, see How NetScaler Insight Center is Deployed in a NetScaler Gateway Double-Hop Mode.
  3. Click Add.
    Note: You can delete devices from the Inventory list by selecting the row that lists the NetScaler appliance and clicking Delete.
    When the appliance is added, information about the appliance appears in the Inventory list.

After you add the devices, you must enable data collection and then view reports on the NetScaler Insight Center dashboard.