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Release Notes

May 04, 2017

The following enhancements have been added to the NetScaler Insight Center release 11.0. For a list of the known issues, see About NetScaler 11.0 Release.

Detailed Information about AppFlow Records on the Dashboard

After an ICA connection is established between a client and a NetScaler Gateway appliance, errors or old receiver or server versions, can prevent the appliance from exporting the AppFlow records to NetScaler Insight Center. 

In such cases, the NetScaler Insight Center dashboard now displays the reasons for which the NetScaler appliance does not export the AppFlow records. [# 504954]

Exporting Reports

You can now save the Web Insight reports or HDX Insight reports in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or CSV format on your local computer. You can also schedule the export of the reports to specified email addresses at various intervals. [# 320860]

Display Reports in Local or GMT Time

You can now configure NetScaler Insight Center to display the reports in your local time or GMT time. [# 491073]

Monitor Terminated ICA Sessions

You can now identify the root cause of a terminated ICA session by viewing the session termination reason on the HDX Insight node. Along with the termination reason, it also displays the session TCP metrics such as ICA RTT and WAN Latency. [# 488279]

Geo Maps Support for HDX Insight

The NetScaler Insight Center geo maps functionality displays the usage of applications across different geographical locations on a map. You can use this information to understand the trends in application usage across various geographical locations. You can configure NetScaler Insight Center to display the geo maps for a particular geographical location or LAN by specifying the private IP range (start and end IP address) for the location. [# 502478]

NetScaler Insight Center in a NetScaler Gateway Multi-Hop Mode

Multi-Hop support for NetScaler Insight Center enables Insight Center to detect which Citrix appliances a connection passes through (CloudBridge, NetScaler, NetScaler Gateway), and in which order, for improved reporting. With the multi-hop feature of NetScaler Insight Center, you can analyze the number of hops (NetScaler appliances, NetScaler Gateway appliances, or CloudBridge appliances) through which your ICA connections pass. You can also analyze the latency on each TCP connection and how it compares to the total ICA latency perceived by the client. [# 383172]

Hop Diagram Support 

The HDX Insight reports now support hop diagrams, which provide complete details about the client, NetScaler appliance, and server in an active session. 

To display the hop diagram, on the dashboard tab, navigate to HDX Insight > Users, click on a user name and, in the Current Application Sessions table, click on the session diagram icon. [# 443824]

Increased Storage Space

You can now increase the storage space of NetScaler Insight Center to 512 GB. [# 425761, 553254]

Insight Deployment Management

You can now improve the processing power of and increase storage space in your NetScaler Insight Center deployment by adding agents, connectors, and databases. An agent processes HTTP traffic and sends the data to the connectors that distribute this data across databases. You can add multiple agents, connectors, and databases to scale your deployment. In this deployment, you can also the decide the number of resources you have to allocate and determine the elements you need in the database architecture, on the basis of the number of HTTP requests per second, number of ICA sessions, and number of active WAN connections. [# 404919]

WAN Insight

The WAN Insight feature of NetScaler Insight Center gives CloudBridge administrators an easy way to monitor the accelerated and unaccelarted WAN traffic that flows through CloudBridge datacenter and CloudBridge branch appliances, and it provides end-to-end visibility that includes client-specific data, application-specific data, and branch- specific data. With the ability to identify and monitor all the applications, clients, and branches on the network, you can effectively deal with the issues that degrade performance. [# 430882]

Configure DNS Server

You can now configure a DNS server when you set up NetScaler Insight Center. Configuring a DNS server helps resolve the host name of a server into its IP address. 

For example, while creating an email server, you now have an option to specify the server name of the server rather than the IP address. [# 514612]

View the Progress of the Upgrade Process

The NetScaler Insight Center configuration utility now displays the progress of the upgrade process. [# 519788, 522021]

Monitor NetScaler Appliances in LAN User Mode

NetScaler Insight Center now supports monitoring NetScaler appliances deployed in LAN user mode. The dashboard now displays the following user access types, depending on the NetScaler deployment: 

- Remote user: User connected to XenApp or XenDesktop server through a NetScaler Gateway. 

- Transparent mode user: User connected to XenApp or XenDesktop server directly, with no intervening virtual server. 

- LAN user: Internal user connected to XenApp or XenDesktop server directly, without configuring the routing rules on a NetScaler ADC. [# 490147, 482900]