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Configuring Clock Synchronization

May 04, 2017

You can configure your NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance to synchronize its local clock with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server used by your servers and device. NetScaler Insight Center then has the same date and time settings as the other servers and appliances in your network. The clock synchronization configuration does not change if NetScaler Insight Center is restarted, upgraded, or downgraded.

The clock is synchronized immediately if you add a new NTP server or change any of the authentication parameters. You can also explicitly enable and disable NTP synchronization.

Note: If you do not have a local NTP server, you can find a list of public and open access NTP servers at the official NTP site, Before configuring a device or other network entity to use a public NTP server, be sure to read the Rules of Engagement page (link included on all Public Time Servers pages).

Configuring an NTP Server

Updated: 2014-08-22

To synchronize the local time of the NetScaler Insight Center appliance, you have to first configure an NTP server.

To add an NTP server

  1. On the Configuration tab, expand System > NTP Servers.
  2. In the details pane, create or modify an NTP server.

Enabling an NTP Synchronization

Updated: 2014-08-22

After configuring the NTP server, you must enable the NTP synchronization for the lnsight appliance to synchronize its local time with the NTP server.

To enable an NTP synchronization

On the Configuration tab, navigate to System> NTP Servers, Then, in the users pane, from the Action drop-down list, select NTP Synchronization and enable NTP synchronization.

Modifying the Authentication Options

Updated: 2014-08-22

You can modify the options for authenticating an NTP server.

To modify the authentication options

On the Configuration tab, navigate to System > NTP Servers, and in users pane, from the Action drop-down list, select Authentication Parameters and modify the authentication options.