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Upgrading NetScaler MAS

Oct 18, 2016

Each NetScaler MAS release offers new and updated features with increased functionality. Citrix recommends you upgrade NetScaler MAS to the latest release to avail of the new features and bug fixes. A comprehensive list of enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes is included in the release notes accompanying the release announcement. It is also important to understand the licensing framework and types of licenses before you start to upgrade. For NetScaler MAS licensing information, see Licensing.

After the upgrade operation is started, NetScaler MAS restarts and the existing connections are terminated and reconnected when the upgrade is completed successfully. The existing configuration is preserved, but NetScaler MAS does not process any data until the upgrade is successfully completed.

For NetScaler MAS servers in high availability mode, you can upgrade either by accessing the first node or the second node or the load balancing virtual server IP address. Both the NetScaler MAS servers will automatically upgrade to the latest build once you initiate the upgrade process in either of the servers.

Note the following recommended precautions:

  • Back up the NetScaler MAS server before you upgrade.
  • After the upgrade, you might have to reestablish connections between the NetScaler MAS and the monitored instances. A confirmation prompt warns you that connections can fail if you proceed.
  • For NetScaler MAS servers in high availability pair, when upgrading, do not make any configuration changes from either of the nodes.


You should not refresh the browser until the upgrade process is successfully completed. It might take a few minutes for the upgrade process to finish.

To upgrade NetScaler MAS

1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler MAS server.
Note: For NetScaler MAS servers in High Availability mode, type the IP address of either of the NetScaler MAS servers in the HA pair, or the load balancing virtual server IP address.

2. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the administrator credentials.

3. Navigate to System > System Administrations. Under the System Administration sub-heading, click Upgrade NetScaler MAS.

4. On the Upgrade NetScaler MAS page, upload a new image file by selecting either Local (your local machine) or Appliance (the build file must be present on the NetScaler MAS virtual appliance).

localized image

5. Click OK. Upgrade process starts along with the following message.

localized image