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Analytics: Web Insight

Jul 05, 2016

Web Insight enables visibility into enterprise web applications and allows IT administrators to monitor all web applications being served by the NetScaler ADC by providing integrated and real-time monitoring of applications. Web Insight provides critical information such as user and server response time, enabling IT organizations to monitor and improve application performance.

This document includes the following:

Latency in Applications

As an administrator, you can now identify the source of latency issues faced by users while accessing web applications. You can determine whether the issue is occurring on the server side of the network, the client side of the network, or on the application server itself.

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Using the Insight Center, you can locate the issue by navigating to Dashboard > Applications and selecting an application. The response time for an application is typically broken down into 3 sub-parts to show whether the problem is a client network latency issue, server network latency issue, or an overloaded or malfunctioning server.

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You can also see which specific server has highest server processing time for that application.

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Inaccessibility Issues

As an administrator, you can now see which application servers are currently generating erroneous response codes, such as unauthorized, bad request, or page not found, so that you can take appropriate corrective measures. 

Navigate to Dashboard > Response Status, and click on a specific error code (such as Unauthorized) to identify which application servers sent that response code.

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Administrators can use Web Insight to configure thresholds and notify users about threshold breaches.  In a typical deployment, you can automate the process of tracking various application metrics, to facilitate planning and be notified whenever the applications metric value exceeds the set threshold. You can set thresholds for any metric, such as hits, bandwidth, or response time. 

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For example, you can configure a threshold for response time. When the response time of a particular application exceeds the threshold value, you will receive a notification on your dashboard. Also, under Threshold Breaches, your dashboard displays a list of threshold breaches that have occurred for a specific duration (such as Today).

To configure a new threshold, navigate to Configuration > NetScaler Insight Center > Thresholds, and click Add.

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Browsers and Operating Systems

You can use Web Insight to help you segregate L7 latency issues and understand mobile device usage uptake. This can help you, as an administrator, to understand different operating system uptakes across your user base.

You can go to the Browser pane to see why there is slowness in user access and if it is due to incompatibility across certain browsers. You can also see which operating systems are being used across certain clients, and the browsers being accessed. You can compare the rendered time across the different browsers and further drill-down to particular a browser to identify which application pages are associated with the highest rendering time for that browser.

For example, you can select Google Chrome and see the corresponding rendering times for the different URL pages for a particular application.

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End-User Experience

End-user experience can be analyzed by looking at metrics such as load time and render time. Higher load times and render times create a negative end-user experience.

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To view the render time and load time for the URLs in an application, navigate to Dashboard > URLs. You can see the list of URLs and their corresponding load times and rendering times in a table or as a graph. You can then tune the corresponding web pages to reduce wait time and improve the overall end-user experience.


Your clients using Web Insight might be spread out across distributed geographies, making it difficult for you, as the administrator, to identify their geographical locations.

Using NetScaler Insight center’s Geomaps feature, you can understand the origination and distribution of traffic from different geographic regions, the regions with the highest number of hits, and the number of hits coming from each country in a region. You can also drill-down to a particular region to see the number of hits from that region, the bandwidth used, and the response times.