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View the type of videos streamed and data volume consumed from your network

May 24, 2018

The NetScaler appliance detects the encrypted or unencrypted video traffic in your network and the type of video streaming (PD or ABR). NetScaler MAS displays these metrics and the data volume consumed by the video traffic for a defined time frame.

To see the types of videos and the consumed data volume, log on to NetScaler MAS, navigate to Analytics > Video Insight and click Video Classification. Then, in the right pane, select a time frame from the drop-down list. You can further customize the time frame by using the time-frame slider. Click Go.

You can use the Filters drop-down list to select the HTTP, HTTPS, or QUIC traffic.

localized image

The Data Volume tab provides a line graph and pie chart showing the types of video traffic streaming from your network and the data volume consumed by your network. You can hover your mouse pointer on the line graph to view the data consumed during a particular time frame:

localized image

Also, you can hover your mouse pointer on the pie chart to view the percentage of data volume consumed by a particular type of video traffic.

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