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Back up and restore your NetScaler MAS server in a single-server deployment

May 24, 2018

In a NetScaler MAS single-server deployment, you can take periodic backups of your NetScaler MAS server. You can either take a partial backup of the server that includes the configuration files, instance details, system data, and so on, or you can take a complete backup of the entire NetScaler MAS server. If your NetScaler MAS becomes unstable, you can use these backed up files to restore your server to a stable state. Citrix recommends that you back up your NetScaler MAS server's configuration before performing an upgrade or for precautionary reasons.

How to Take a Partial Backup of your NetScaler MAS Server and Restore It

In a partial backup process, you can back up the following components of your NetScaler MAS server:

  • NetScaler MAS Configuration Files:
    • SNMP
    • Syslog server configuration files
    • NTP files
    • SSL certificates
    • Control Center files
  • Backups of NetScaler instances being managed by the NetScaler MAS server.
  • Configuration audit templates.
  • System data stored on the database:
    • List of tenants and users created.
    • External authentication server configuration (LDAP, RADIUS, and others).
    • Configuration jobs and job templates created.
  • Infrastructure and application data stored on the database:
    • Data from added and managed NetScaler instances.
    • Instance profile details, version details, instance group details, and so on.
    • A static application (group of virtual servers) created by the administrator.
  • SNMP settings.

In this backup process, you cannot back up analytics data, events, and syslog messages.

Backing Up the NetScaler MAS Configuration

By default, the NetScaler MAS server backs up the configuration every 24 hours (at 00.30 hours).  You can also take a backup at a time of your choosing. You can further move a copy of the backed up file to another system.

The backup is stored as a compressed TAR file that can also be encrypted. By default, three backup files are retained in the server. To avoid issues due to non-availability of disk space, you can store a maximum of 10 backup files on your NetScaler MAS server. However, Citrix recommends that you store some copies of your backup files on the server or transfer the files to another system.

To back up a NetScaler MAS configuration

  1. Navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files, and then click Back Up.
  2. To encrypt the backup file, select the Password Protect file checkbox, and then provide a password to encrypt the file.
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You can also set a backup file for encryption by navigating to System > System Backup Settings, and then selecting Encrypt Backup File.

Transferring a NetScaler MAS Backup File to an External System

You can transfer a copy of the backup file to another system as a precautionary measure. When you want to restore the configuration, you have to first upload the file to the NetScaler MAS server and then perform the restore operation.

To transfer a NetScaler MAS backup file

1. Navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files.

2. Select the backup file that you want to move to another system, and then click Transfer.

3. On the Backup Files page, specify the following parameters:

  • Server - IP address of the system where you want to transfer the backed-up file.
  • User Name and Password - User credentials of the new system where the backed-up files are being copied.
  • Port - Port number of the system the files are being transferred to.
  • Transfer Protocol - Protocol being used to make the backup file transfer. You can select SCP, SFTP, or FTP protocols to transfer the backed-up file.
  • Directory Path - The location where the backed-up file is being transferred to on the new system.
Alternatively, you can also set the external systems detail by navigating to System > System Backup Settings.

 4. You can delete the backup file from NetScaler MAS after transfer by selecting the Delete file from NetScaler Management and Analytics System after transfer checkbox.

 5. Click OK to make the transfer.

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To save a copy of the backup file in your local system, navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files, select the file you want to copy, and then click Download.

Restoring the NetScaler MAS Configuration from a Backup File

When you restore the NetScaler MAS configuration from a previously backed up file, the restore operation untars the backup file and then restores the configuration. The restore operation deletes the existing configuration and replaces it with the configuration in the backup file.


The restore operation will not succeed if your backup file has been renamed or if the contents within the backup file have been modified.

To restore a NetScaler MAS configuration from a backup file

  1. Navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files.
  2. Select the backup file that you want to restore, and then click Restore.
  3. On the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.
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To restore the configuration from a backup file stored in an external system, you have to upload the backup file to the NetScaler MAS server before performing the restore operation. To upload the file, navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files, and then click Upload.