Generate a tech support file

Citrix recommends that you generate an archive of Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) data and statistics before contacting technical support for debugging an issue. The archive is a TAR file that you can send to the technical support team.


For Citrix ADM servers in an HA pair, you can generate a technical support file from either one of the servers. Citrix advises you to not use the load balancing virtual server IP address to generate the technical support file.

To configure and send a technical support file from Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to System > Diagnostics > Technical Support, and then click Generate Technical Support File.

  2. On the Generate Support File page, select the following options:

    • Collect Debug Logs – Select this option to collect afdecoder logs.
    • Duration – Enter the duration for which debug logs should be collected. You will only see this option, if you enable the Collect Debug Logs option.
    • Collect Data Distribution – Select this option to collect distinct and diverse logs from the database.

    The archive file is created as a TAR file.

    For example, the archive file that is created might be named NetScaler_MAS_<DDMMYY>.tar.gz.

  3. Download the files and email them to the Citrix technical support team.

Generate a tech support file

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