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HAProxy app dashboard

May 24, 2018

The Application Dashboard provides real-time statistics of all the HAProxy frontends monitored by NetScaler MA Service or NetScaler MAS. It lists the frontends as discrete applications and provides transactions, throughput, and sessions information about the applications. 


Make sure that you enable stats in the HAProxy instance configuration file. To enable stats, edit your HAProxy configuration file and, after the defaults section, add an entry similar to the one in the following sample:

Sample Copy

listen stats :9000  # Listen on localhost:9000

mode http

stats enable  # Enable stats page

stats hide-version  # Hide HAProxy version

stats realm Haproxy\ Statistics  # Title text for popup window

stats uri /haproxy_stats  # Stats URI

stats auth Username:Password  # Authentication credentials

To access the HAProxy application on the Application Dashboard in NetScaler MAS, after you have added the HAProxy instances to NetScaler MAS, navigate Applications > Dashboard. You can filter the dashboard to display only the HAProxy application, to filter the dashboard, select HAPROXY displayed under Application Family section in the App Summary Info Panel.

localized image

View Key Metrics of HAProxy Application

The App Info panel is at the first level when you drill down on an HAProxy application. It displays the key metrics and components of the application, along with its state. For example, for any selected HAProxy application, the App Info panel shows the total number of HAProxy frontends, total number of HAProxy backends, data volume, trend of the client connections, and the transactions. To view the key metrics of the HAProxy application, click on the HAProxy application tile on the application dashboard. The App Info panel then replaces the App Summary panel.

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View the Real-Time Performance of HAProxy Application

NetScaler MAS enables you to view the real-time performance of your HAProxy applications. It provides the following real-time details of the selected HAProxy application:

  • Transactions. Transactions performed by the application.
  • Throughput. Throughput of the application.
  • Sessions. Number of sessions established by the application.

To view real-time performance of your HAProxy application, on the Application Dashboard, double-click the HAProxy application tile.

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By default, the Transactions tab is selected and the real-time transactions performed by the application is displayed.

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To view the real-time throughput of the application, click the Throughput tab.

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You can click the Sessions tab to view the number of sessions established by the application in real-time.

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