How to search instances using values of tags and properties

There might be a situation where NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) is managing a large number of Citrix ADC instances. As an admin, you might want the flexibility to search on the instance inventory based on certain parameters. NetScaler MAS now offers improved search capability to search a subset of Citrix ADC instances based on the parameters that you define in the search field. You can search for the instances based on two criteria - tags and properties.

  • Tags. Tags are terms or keywords that can be assigned by you to a Citrix ADC instance to add some additional description about the Citrix ADC instance. You can now associate your Citrix ADC instances with tags. These tags can be used to better identify and search on the Citrix ADC instances.

  • Properties. Each NetScaler instance added in NetScaler MAS has a few default parameters or properties associated with that instance. For example, each instance has its own hostname, IP address, version, host ID, hardware model ID and so on. You can search for instances by specifying values for any of these properties.

For example, consider a situation where you want to find out the list of Citrix ADC instances that are on version 12.0 and are in the UP state. Here, the version and the state of the instance are defined by the default properties.

Along with the 12.0 version and UP state of the instances, you can also search those instances owned by you. You can create an “owner” tag and assign a value “David Turnbull” to that tag. For more information on how to create and assign tags, see How to create tags and assign to instances.

You can use a combination of tags and properties to create your own search criteria.

To search for Citrix ADC VPX instances

  1. In NetScaler MAS, navigate to Networks > Instances > Citrix ADC.

  2. Select the Citrix ADC VPX tab.

  3. Click the search field. You can create a search expression by using Tags or Properties or by combining both.

    The following examples show how you can use the search expression efficiently to search for the instance.

    1. Select Tags option and select Owner. Select “David Turnbull.”

    localized image

    1. If you want to search for the instances owned by both David and Stephen, again select Tags > Owner > Stephen. NetScaler MAS lists only those instances that are owned by both owners.

      Note: You can also type in the values that you want to search for instead of selecting a value from the list. This is useful when the list is long.

      localized image

      NetScaler MAS supports regular expressions and wildcard characters in the search expressions.

    2. You can use regular expressions to further expand the search criteria. For example, you want to search instances owned by either David or Stephen. In such a case, you can type the values by separating the values with a “ ” expression.

      localized image

    3. You can also use wildcard characters to replace or represent one or more characters. For example, you can type Dav* to search for all instances owned by David and Dave Peck.

      localized image

      Note: For more information on regular expressions and wildcard characters and how to use them, click the “information” icon in the search bar.

How to search instances using values of tags and properties