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May 24, 2018

The first six lines of a StyleBook comprise the header section. This section lets you define the identity of a StyleBook and describe what it does. This is a mandatory section.

The following table describes the attributes of the header section:

Attribute Description
name A name to identify the StyleBook. This attribute is mandatory.
description A description defining what a StyleBook does. This description appears on the NetScaler MAS GUI. This is an optional attribute.
display-name A descriptive name for the StyleBook. This name appears on the NetScaler MAS GUI. This is an optional attribute.
author The author person or organization who creates the StyleBook. This is an optional attribute.

A namespace forms part of a unique identifier for a StyleBook to avoid name collisions. A namespace can be any string, but a good practice is to use it for naming the company, department, or unit that created or owns a set of StyleBooks. For example, you can use the following format: <company>.<department>.<unit>.stylebooks

This is a mandatory attribute.

version The version number of the StyleBook. You can change the version number when you update a StyleBook. StyleBooks of different versions can co-exist together. This is a mandatory attribute.
schema-version The version of the StyleBooks schema. It takes the value "1.0" in the current release of NetScaler MAS. This is a mandatory attribute.
private If this attribute is set to true, the StyleBook is not displayed on the NetScaler MAS GUI. This is a useful setting for StyleBooks that are building blocks for other StyleBooks and are not intended to be used by users directly. This is an optional attribute. Its default value is false.


     name: lb

     description: "This stylebook defines a sample load balancing configuration."

     display-name: "Load Balancing StyleBook (HTTP)"

     author: Mike Smith (ACME Infra team)

     namespace: com.example.stylebooks

     schema-version: "1.0"

     version: "0.1"

The combination of name, namespace, and version uniquely identifies a StyleBook in the system. You cannot have two StyleBooks with the same combination of name, namespace, and version in NetScaler MAS. However, you can have two StyleBooks with the same name and version but different namespaces, or with the same namespace and version but different names.