Product Documentation

Parameter reference

May 24, 2018

In the components construct, you refer to the parameters defined in the parameters section by using $parameters.<parametername> notation. If <parametername> itself contains parameters (when type is object), then you must use the notation $parameters.<parametername>.<sub-parametername>, and so on.




         name: name

         label: Name

         type: string

         required: true


         name: vip

         label: Virtual IP and Port

         type: object

         required: true



               name: ip

               label: Virtual IP

               description: The Virtual IP Address

               type: ipaddress

               required: true


               name: port

               label: The Virtual Port

               description: The TCP port for the Virtual IP

               type: tcp-port

               default: 80



        name: my-lbvserver-comp

        type: ns::lbvserver


              name: $

              servicetype: HTTP

              ipv46: $

              port: $