How to Enable Fallback Local Authentication

Fallback local authentication feature enables local authentication to take over if the external authentication fails. A user configured on both NetScaler MAS and on an external authentication server can log on to NetScaler MAS, even though the configured external authentication server is down or unreachable. For Fallback Local Authentication to work, make sure about these three factors:

  • You should be able to access NetScaler MAS even after external authentication server goes down.

  • You should be configured on both NetScaler MAS and the external authentication server.

  • You should add at least one external server.

To enable Fallback Local Authentication, do the following:

  1. In NetScaler MAS,navigate to System > Authentication > Authentication Configuration.

  2. Select EXTERNAL from the Server Type* list.

    Note: If you select LOCAL from the list, authentication of users happens at the default local authentication server.

  3. Click Insert, select an external server from the list of external servers displayed, and click OK to add the external server.

    Note: You should have already added the external servers before this step to make them appear in the list. For more information as to how to add extrenal servers, see the following articles:

  4. Select the Enable fallback local authentication option.

    localized image

How to Enable Fallback Local Authentication