Configuring Users on NetScaler MAS

By default, NetScaler MAS has one user:

nsroot - The root user (nsroot) has full administrative privileges on the appliance. The nsroot user is the super admin of NetScaler MAS.

You can create additional users by configuring accounts for them. When you add new users to NetScaler MAS, you can define their permissions by assigning the appropriate groups, roles, and policies.

You can assign a user to a group and bind the group to roles. You can define one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationship between users, groups, roles, and access policies. A user can be assigned to multiple groups. A group can have multiple roles, and multiple groups can have identical roles.

To Configure Users in NetScaler MAS:

  1. In NetScaler MAS, navigate to System > User Administration > Users.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the following details:

    1. User Name. Name of the user.

    2. Password. Password with which the user logs on to NetScaler MAS.

  4. Optionally, select Enable External Authentication, so that the user can be authenticated through an external authentication server.

  5. If you have created groups and want to assign the user to a group, in the Groups section, move one or more groups from the Available list to the Configured list.

    localized image

  6. Click Create.

Configuring Users on NetScaler MAS