How to Generate Configuration Audit Diff for ConfigChange SNMP Traps

Whenever there is a configuration change in a NetScaler instance in the network, the configuration file is updated. The instance sends a ConfigChange SNMP trap to NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS). You can enable NetScaler MAS to perform a configuration audit on that instance when the instance sends a ConfigChange SNMP trap.

If any difference exists between the audit template configuration and the running configuration, a Diff Exists status message appears on the Audit Report page. Clicking the Diff Exits link takes you to the Configuration Diff page, where you can view the corrective command. You can use these corrective commands to create a configuration job and execute that on the specific NetScaler instances. When you run the configuration job, the instances are brought back to the desired configuration. For more information on how to create configuration job from corrective commands, see How to Create Configuration Jobs from Corrective Commands on NetScaler MAS.

To run configuration audit templates on receiving ConfigChange SNMP trap:

NetScaler MAS allows you to enable the option to run the configuration audit template in NetScaler MAS.

  1. In NetScaler MAS, navigate to Networks > Configuration Audit.

  2. Click Settings on the Configuration Audit page.

  3. Click the edit icon in the Configuration Change Audit Settings section.

  4. Select the Do Configuration Audit when netScalerConfigChange event is received check box.

    Note: NetScaler MAS performs a configuration audit for every instance that it receives the netScalerConfigChange SNMP traps in the future. This is a global setting for all instances.

  5. In the Time delay to run the Audit Template (in minutes) field, type the minutes. NetScaler MAS runs the configuration audit template on the NetScaler instance after this time delay when it receives the ConfigChange SNMP trap by that instance.

How to Generate Configuration Audit Diff for ConfigChange SNMP Traps