Deploy NetScaler MAS with Citrix XenServer

To install NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) on Citrix XenServer:

  • Download the XVA image file of NetScaler MAS to your local computer.
  • Log on to Citrix XenCenter to complete the NetScaler MAS installation.


Before installing NetScaler MAS verify that the following requirements have been met:

  • XenServer version 5.6 or later is installed on hardware that meets the minimum requirements.

  • XenCenter is installed on a management workstation that meets the minimum requirements.

  • You have downloaded the NetScaler MAS XVA image file.

XenServer requirements for NetScaler MAS

The following table lists the virtual computing resources that XenServer must provide for each NetScaler MAS virtual appliance.  

Component Requirement
Virtual CPU 8 CPUs
Storage space Citrix recommends using solid-state drive (SSD) technology for NetScaler MAS deployments. The default value is 120 GB. Actual storage requirement depends on NetScaler MAS sizing estimation. If your NetScaler MAS storage requirement exceeds 120 GB, you to have to attach an additional disk. Note: You can add only one additional disk. Citrix recommends you to estimate storage and attach additional disk at the time of initial deployment. For more information, see How to Attach an Additional Disk to NetScaler MAS.
Virtual Network Interfaces 1
Throughput 1 Gbps or 100 Mbps

XenCenter system requirements

XenCenter is a Windows client application. It cannot run on the same machine as the XenServer host. The following table describes the minimum system requirements.

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista
.NET framework Version 2.0 or later
CPU 750 megahertz (MHz), Recommended: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
RAM 1 GB, Recommended: 2 GB
Network Interface Card 100 megabits per second (Mbps) or faster NIC

Install NetScaler Management and Analytics System

  1. Import the XVA image file to your XenServer. From the Console tab configure the initial network configuration options as shown in the following figure:

    localized image

  2. After specifying the required IP addresses, select the deployment type as NetScaler MAS Server. If you do not select any option, by default, it is deployed as a server.

    localized image


    Currently, you cannot deploy connector nodes, database nodes, and/or NetScaler MAS agents because NetScaler MAS does not support Scale-Out deployment.

  3. Type Yes to deploy NetScaler MAS as a standalone deployment.

  4. Type Yes to restart the NetScaler MAS server.


    After you install NetScaler MAS, you can update the initial configuration settings later.

    To update the initial configuration in the NetScaler MAS, type networkconfig in the NetScaler MAS console. The console displays the NetScaler MAS initial network configuration options. You can then update the following parameters on the console:

    • Host name of NetScaler MAS

    • NetScaler MAS IPv4 address

    • Netmask

    • Gateway IPv4 address

    • DNS IPv4 address


After you install the server, type the IP address of the NetScaler MAS server in the address bar of your browser. The default administrator credentials to log on to the server are nsroot/nsroot.

The browser displays the NetScaler MAS configuration utility.