How to schedule an event filter by using NetScaler MAS

After creating a filter for your rule, if you do not want the NetScaler MAS server to send a notification every time the event generated satisfies the filter criteria, you can schedule the filter to trigger only at specific time intervals such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

For example, if you have scheduled a system maintenance activity for different applications on your instances at different times, the instances might generate multiple alarms.

If you have configured a filter for these alarms and enabled email notifications for these filters, the server sends many email notifications when NetScaler MAS receives these traps.

If you want the server to send these email notifications during a specific time period only, you can schedule a filter.

To schedule a filter using NetScaler MAS

  1. In the NetScaler MAS, navigate to Networks > Events > Rules.

  2. Select the rule you want to schedule a filter for, and click View Schedule.

  3. On the Scheduled Rule page, click Schedule and specify the following parameters:

    • Enable Rule – Select this check box to enable the scheduled event rule.

    • Recurrence - Interval at which to schedule the rule.

    • Scheduled Time Interval (Hours) – Hours, at which to schedule the rule (use the 24 hour format).

  4. Click Schedule.

    localized image

How to schedule an event filter by using NetScaler MAS