How to set repeated email notifications for events from NetScaler MAS

You must address all Critical events and cannot miss any important email notifications. You can set event rules with criteria so that repeated email notifications are sent to you as reminders.

For example, if you’ve created an event rule for instances that involve disk failures, and you want to be notified until the issue is resolved, you can opt to receive repeated email notifications about those events.

These email notifications are sent repeatedly, at pre-defined intervals, until the recipient acknowledges having seen the notification or the event rule is cleared.


Events can only be cleared automatically if there is an equivalent “clear” trap set and sent from your NetScaler instance.

To clear an event manually, you can do the following:

  • Navigate to Networks > Events > Event Summary, choose a Category, and select an event in the category and click Clear.
  • Or, navigate to Networks > Events > Event Messages. Choose an instance type and then, select an event from the grid that follows and click Clear.

To set repeated email notifications from NetScaler MAS

  1. In NetScaler MAS, navigate to Networks > Events > Rules, and click Add to create a rule.

  2. On the Create Rule page, set the rule parameters.

  3. Under Event Rule actions, click Add Action. Then, select Send e-mail Action from the Action Type menu and select an Email Distribution List.

  4. You can also add a customized subject line and user message. Upload an attachment to your email when an incoming event matches the configured rule.

  5. Select the Repeat Email Notification until the event is cleared check box.

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How to set repeated email notifications for events from NetScaler MAS