Before you integrate the NetScaler virtual instance with OpenStack platform, ensure that the following requirements are met:

NetScaler MAS and OpenStack Software Requirements:

  • NetScaler MAS 12.0 is installed on a supported hypervisor workstation that meets the minimum hardware requirements system.

  • OpenStack components are installed and running.

  • OpenStack versions - Newton, Ocata, and Pike are supported by NetScaler MAS 12.0.

NetScaler MAS Hardware Requirements:

The following table lists the virtual computing resources that you should have on your OpenStack server to install NetScaler virtual instances.

Component Requirement
Virtual CPU 8
Storage Space 500 GB
Virtual Network Interfaces 1
Throughput 1 Gbps or 100 Mbps


The memory and hard disk requirements specified above are for deploying NetScaler MAS on the OpenStack platform, considering that there are no other virtual machines running on the host. The hardware requirements for OpenStack depends on the number of virtual machines running on it.